Town Turkey Hilariously Chases Down Cop Car

In what was probably the slowest chase in all of police history, a turkey in Niagara Falls, New York chased down local law enforcement while they were on the job. To his defense, the police did circle the tom before the chase ensued. The turkey, whose name is Jake, showed up in town one day and blocked traffic on a busy road. Then, he never left. Because of his quirky personality and absolute lack of fear when it comes to humans and cars alike, he became the unofficial town mascot and local celebrity. Everyone knows Jake and everyone thinks he is a hoot, well, they just gobble him up. Take a look!

Who knows why Tom decided on Niagara Falls, but he definitely made himself at home and from the looks of things he’s planning to stay. That is, as long as the police don’t get in his way. Some might call his behavior fowl, but I personally think he just wanted to give the police a piece of his mind…I’m guessing they managed to ruffle his feathers and he was winging his pursuit. We’ll keep you abreast of any further developments with this story as they become available…

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