Woman Documents A Day In The Life Of A Toddler Mom

If you’re the mom of a toddler, you have walked in this woman’s shoes. And I am so, so sorry. Don’t get me wrong; toddlers are great. They’re adventurous, love to explore, they can walk on their own (most of the time), and love to cuddle. They are funny but still just enough baby like that being around them is nothing but sweetness. Well, except that they know your name. And they say it a lot. Mom. Literally, if you have toddlers you probably hear mom or some version of it about twenty-billion times every single day. And while we want to do everything we can for our kiddo’s, most of the time it seems like they are saying our name just for the sake of saying it. And this mama had to show the world what it was like so, for one day, she recorded all the times (or at least a few of them) that her toddler said ‘mama’. Take a look!

If you laughed at this, chances are you have had a toddler at some point and know exactly what this woman is going through. If you cried? Well, chances are you still have a toddler and my heart goes out to you. Truly. Mom.

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