12-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Ran A Half Marathon

I’m going to start this by saying this is something that absolutely would never happen to me – to most of us, I’m guessing – and yet I think it’s so cool that it happened. When this 12-year-old signed up to run in a local 5K, she accidentally joined the wrong group when the race began. So instead of running the 3.1 miles she’d planned on running, at around the 5 mile mark she found out she was in the half marathon instead. She could have bowed out. Could have recognized that she’d done what she’d set out to accomplish and gone about her day. Her mother, who was frantically waiting for her at the finish line, would have loved for her to have bowed out. Instead? She finished the run. Take a look!

I can’t imagine the kind of stamina and endurance this kid must have had to run a half marathon she didn’t even train for. I have nothing but admiration for her for racing to begin with, but for finishing a race she didn’t know she was in? That’s incredible.

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