91-Year-Old Woman Floors Crowd With Competitive Gymnastics Routine

I’ve heard that 90 is the new 20…or, at least that’s what I think I heard after watching this woman’s gymnastics routine at a competition in Berlin. Most days I struggle to get out of bed on time, get the kids up and moving, and manage to keep the house from burning down. This nonagenarian puts me and pretty much everyone I know to complete shame as she flips and glides and shows the world that for some people age truly is just a number. Take a look!

I mean, there’s impressive and then there’s whatever this woman is doing. It’s more than just fit…it’s like she doesn’t realize she’s in the twilight of her life. And maybe she isn’t. Maybe the key to living forever is living the age you want to be rather than the age you actually are. This woman definitely shows the world that with a lot of dedication, some great genetics, and healthy living, anything is possible. Who knows, maybe we’ll see her at the Olympics in a few years?

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