One of the most amazing things about humans is our capacity to care. One minute we might be eating a hamburger, the next we might be helping rescue a cow who is stranded on a busy road. I used to think it was a disconnect, like we just forgot what we were eating, but now I believe it’s that when we see animals suffering, we have to step in. That’s exactly what happened in this video. According to the man who helped rescued this shark, “Myself and two of my buddies were at the beach fishing for jacks and blue fish while we saw a shark struggling in the surf. We realized it was wrapped around something and ran to see if we could help. At this point my buddy Adam jumped into the surf to rescue the blacktip shark. We then got the fishing line unwrapped from around the body and took the hook out of its jaw. Adam then released the shark and it swam off to live another day.” Take a look!

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