When a baby doesn’t wanna eat something, they give it to the dog. In fact, they will give it to the dog even if they love it, because sharing is caring, right? That is why this Baby Boy is in trouble with Dad. See, Baby likes the sandwich that Dad gave him, all nicely arranged on a plate, but Bob the dog came and Bob is Baby Boy’s best friend, so he had to share! Dad is mad because of this, so he is scolding Baby Boy and Baby Boy isn’t having it. He is presenting with strong argument and evidence to appeal to his cause. We think that he will be a top-notch lawyer one day! Take a look! I’m guessing dad ultimately won this debate, but it wasn’t for baby’s lack of trying. And personally, I think he had a good argument. Still, I suppose if dad went through all that effort, the least baby could do is eat it and sneak food to the dog when dad ISN’T looking…

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