New rule: If you think you see your dog’s rope outside, and it’s dark, leave it. You can get it in the morning. That’s what Carla found out the hard way. When she saw what she thought was her dog’s rope laying outside, she decided to go pick it up. Dog in tow, she grabs what she thinks is a rope and quickly figures out it’s a rattlesnake. What happens next is too hysterical for words and her husband caught the entire thing on their family security camera. Take a look! Luckily neither Carla nor the dog were hurt by this (probably already dead) baby rattlesnake, but from the looks of things Carla definitely needs to work on her running away skills. At least, according to her husband. Also, I can’t blame her for running like that. If ever there is an occasion to run like the floor is lava, it’s right after grabbing a for real for real baby rattlesnake.

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