Watch This Marine Turn A Pull-Up Into A Rowing Machine

We all know Marine’s are tough. They’re basically machines in meat suits, and we love ’em for it. My nephew is a Marine and he’d be the first to tell you that not only do they want to be stronger than all the other branches of the Armed Forces, but they want to be the strongest amongst themselves. They spend a lot of time competing, working out, making themselves be unbeatable. And while that’s amazing to imagine, it’s absolutely mind-boggling to see. Take this Marine, for instance. While he starts out doing a regular pull-up (you know, the one none of us could do in high school), he ends up using his arms and entire body as a rowing machine. If it doesn’t make your jaw drop, your standards are WAY too high. Take a look!

Seriously, have you seen anything like this before in your life? Not only is he showing off incredible strength, but he’s doing it while in combat boots. Yeah. So that happened.

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