Baby Can’t Figure Out Big Girl Spoon

When kids are little, we want to enjoy their little time as long as possible. At the same time, we have to do all we can to help them grow and become ‘big kids’. It’s not an easy job for parents, but it’s something we all go through. So we teach them to talk, to walk, to peel a banana…and of all the things we teach our kids, one we don’t think much about is moving them from little kid utensils to big kid stuff. A big thing for babies and toddlers is becoming a “big kid.” This adult decided it was time to step it up and give this baby a proper spoon when it was feeding time. Check out this little girl’s priceless reaction when she’s fed with an adult spoon. It’s such a mind-blowing moment for her! You can tell that she was definitely enjoying it! If you’re a parent, do you remember making that step for your kids? How was it? Check out this adorable baby using a big girl spoon for the first time!

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