Woman Thinks There’s An Intruder, Finds Bear Playing A Piano Instead

It’s scary, that feeling that someone has been in your home. We’ve all had it from time to time when we’re home alone, but what do you do when you come home and it looks like things have been disturbed. It’s scary. For this Colorado homeowner there were definite signs that someone had been in her space, but it didn’t look like anything had been taken. Thinking that it might have been kids messing around she turned to her security camera to seek the truth. What she found was more mind boggling than she ever could have imagined. Not only was there a break in, but the intruder seemed to be playing her piano. Take a look!

Luckily no one was home and no one was hurt during this ‘piano bear’s’ visit, but I’m guessing this is one moment this homeowner will never forget. And if the bear ever comes back? Well, let’s hope he takes requests. Personally I’d love to hear him play Elvis Presley’s “Teddy Bear.”

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