Adorable Moment Tiny Baby Tries Bacon For The First Time…And Won’t Let Go

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of eating bacon knows that bacon is life! It is so juicy, the perfect slice of meaty and fatty and divinely crunchy when you cook it just right…makes our mouths water just by writing this! This mom caught one such groundbreaking moment when she fed her 4-month-old baby her first piece of bacon! Little Riley was restless in her car seat, so mom Melissa tried to “bribe” her with her family’s favorite – a crunchy piece of cured pork! It is no wonder baby Riley didn’t want to give the bacon up after that! Watch as little eyes widen with excitement after she takes a few curious tastes of the delicious bit of pork in front of her. Take a look!

Seriously, how adorable is she? I suppose all love affairs have to start somewhere, and for Riley it started in that carseat, and with her very first piece of bacon ever. We get it, Riley. We get it.

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