Man Serenades Dog On Piano, And Dog Loves Every Minute Of It!

Nothing like paying a visit to your parents’ house for the first time in a while to clear your head. After some time away, this man had made the return to his parents’ house and was greeted kindly by Franky the dog. While visiting his parents, Luke plays a song for his dog Franky on the old piano he grew up playing. Franky prefers Coldplay (and frequent pets and kisses)!

We all love our awesomely adorable doggos. Especially when they come and share moments like this one. Your dog has the potential to make anything you do a hundred times better, just by being there. Isn’t that special? Take a look!

Isn’t this just the most adorable thing that you’ve seen all day? From the way Franky looked at Luke through the entire song, I’m guessing Luke could have been playing Chopsticks and still would have had a friend for life. Personally, I’d play whatever that sweet dog wanted me to play. He’s definitely got that loving puppy look down to an art.

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