8-Year-Old Girl Banned From Soccer Tournament Because She Looks Like A Boy

We teach our kids to express their individuality, but what happens when their individuality takes them away from the thing they love the most? That’s exactly what happened to this short-haired 8-year-old Nebraska girl. Milagros “Mili” Hernandez loves soccer, and she’s good at it. Really good. At age 8, the short-haired Nebraska girl plays on an Omaha club team with 11-year-olds. But when her team went to play in a tournament, the entire team was banned because Mili looked like a boy. Turns out early in the season someone mismarked Mili’s form checking ‘boy’ instead of ‘girl’, and even after her dad returned with documents identifying Mili as a girl, officials refused to let Mili or her team play. Take a look!

Since this story came to light, officials have apologized to Mili, her family, and her team, but that might not ever take away the sting of being rejected for looking different. Something that may help, though, is the outpouring of love Mili has received from the soccer community, including several olympic gold medalists. Best of luck to Mili, and her team, let’s hope next season is the one to end them all!

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