Bulldog Watches Horror Movie, Has Hilarious Reaction To Scary Part

Horror movies aren’t for everyone. They definitely aren’t for me. In fact, when I was a little girl my parents and older brother (much older brother) were watching Nightmare on Elm Street while I was supposed to be sleeping, and I snuck out to watch. I wasn’t supposed to watch. To this day I wish I hadn’t. It was So Scary. Now, as an adult I know I’ve been told it’s actually a funny movie, but I can not watch it. I. Can. Not. That or any other horror movies, for that matter. My kids? When they’re with their dad and I’m either in bed or just otherwise occupied, I know they watch them without me. Blood thirsty little monkeys. Still, I’m thinking this dog is on the same team as me. Not really that much into them. While he’s sitting and watching at first, once the scary part comes up, he has the funniest reaction. Take a look!

Is this not the funniest dog ever or what? Seriously, next time there’s a horror movie on, he can come hang out in the kitchen with me while everyone else watches.

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