After 16 Months Overseas, Dad Surprises Daughter At School

Being a teenager can be hard from many aspects, which is why parental support is always welcome. But when one of your parents is off to work work overseas, the difficulty increases. This girl’s dad is working as a navy firefighter in Bahrain for over a year and a half and he missed all her activities, including her new found love for volleyball. She started playing the sport after her dad left overseas to cope with his absence. Naturally, when he decided to come back, the parents decided to keep things a secret so that he could visit his little girls during volleyball practise, something that she has been wishing for since he’s away. Take a look!

From the looks of things this kiddo is more than overjoyed to have her daddy back and he’s just as happy to be home. I don’t know if he’ll ever have to go out again, but let’s hope they have time to catch up on everything they’ve missed before that time ever comes!

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