Some kids are WAY more sensitive than others, and this one might be the most sensitive of them all! When his dad pretends to cry, this little boy freaks out. I don’t know if he just doesn’t like to see the crying, or if he’s trying to empathize in the only way a two-year-old can muster, but it’s this strange mixture of sad and sweet to watch. Take a look! Luckily, dad didn’t carry on for too long and the kiddo was assured everything was fine. My kids never did this, but I had a nephew who would always cry whenever someone else cried. Not freak out like this, but break down and cry. I think he was five or six when he stopped, so it went on for quite a while. Like I said, I think some kids are just more sensitive. Maybe if dad turns this into a game, this kiddo will learn that crying is okay and that he doesn’t have to be so upset? Who knows. I just hope he gets all the hugs for being so in tune to someone else’s feelings!

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