I couldn’t imagine what my kids would be like if they didn’t have each other. Sure they fuss, but all kids fuss. And in between the fussing are these perfect sibling moments. These moments where they are cutting up and doing everything they can to make one another laugh. My kids are a little older now, but the memories of them making each other laugh as littles are some of my best memories. Especially when my son was the age of the little in this video and my daughter a little older than him. She was like a mini-me. She wanted to do Everything for her ‘bubby’, and if he ever fussed even a little bit, she was there to save the day. Like I said, I couldn’t imagine one without the other at this point, and I’m guessing the mama of these two feels the same way. Take a look! Is that not the cutest little laugh you’ve ever heard in your life? I love kids at that age. I miss it. Moments like these are those perfect moments we should want to bottle and keep forever.

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