Twin Toddlers Caught In The Act Trying To Steal A Car

The thought of my kids being old enough to drive haunts me. I mean, I love my kids. I trust them. I know they’ll make good decisions…but…they’re kids. I think to me they’ll always be kids. Always the littles. I think when they’re in their 40’s I’ll still be reminding them to put on their seatbelts and worrying about the friends they’re hanging out with. So the idea of them driving goes completely against my mommy brain. It’s like they’re still babies in my head. I can’t imagine my babies behind one ton of metal and plastic, zooming in and out between other people who are in one ton of metal and plastic. It’s horrifying. So while the babies in this video are adorable and doing what babies do, all I keep thinking is don’t close your eyes…they’ll be driving off before you know it. Take a look!

They’re so cute pretending to drive like that. You just want to bottle them up at this age and keep everything they do in your head forever. Like I said, though, don’t blink – the time goes by WAY too fast.

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