Little Girl Gets Mad At Brother For Ignoring Her

Siblings have their own ways of finding order, and sometimes we adults just have to cringe and pray for the best. When my son was little, if my daughter wasn’t paying enough attention to him he’d come and stand in front of her, no matter what she was doing, so she couldn’t ignore him. I have no idea where that came from except that I always tell my kids to not ignore me and come stand in front of me…I think for him the lesson hit a little too well. Still, that’s nothing compared to what this tiny tot does when her brother stops playing piano with her. Take a look!

I don’t think brother saw that coming. I also don’t think he’ll be ignoring her again anytime soon. At least not while still laying on the ground. Luckily he seems completely uninjured by the ‘wake-up call’, and they’ll both love telling this story as they get older…if they both survive, that is!

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