Fastest Brick Layer Ever? Yeah, Probably!

My dad could have been a fry cook for a living, and he would have been the best darn fry cook the world had ever seen. That man had pride in everything he did, and believed in a job well done. As it is, when I was a little girl he was an iron worker. He’d come home with burns and sore muscles, but always so proud of the hard work he put in. My dad would have thought the man in this video was a consummate professional, and a credit to his craft. While some might see something like brick laying as tedious and boring, this man shows that it doesn’t matter what the work is, you should do it to the best of your ability. And boy does he! Take a look!

Have you ever seen anything like that before in your life? I don’t know if he’s up for a raise, but he should get one anyway. This guy is awesome.

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