My cat throws a tantrum if I go to the bathroom with the door shut. Not even kidding. Not only do I have to deal with kids and a husband wanting my time while I’m on the throne, but I have a cat who whines at the door, and bats at it with her paws until she is let in – usually by one of the kids. And know what? It’s entirely my fault. When she was a kitten I thought it was cute to watch her drink water out of the bathtub faucet while I was putting on makeup or fixing my hair, and now I never get a moment’s peace. I’m sure the woman in this video feels the same way. When she decides to put on a pair of tennis shoes, her kitty throws a royal hissy fit that would put my cat to shame. And why? Just take a look! Have you ever seen anything as funny as that in your life? That cat could put a toddler to shame. And as for her kitty mama? Yeah, I’m guessing you just need to wear flip-flops all the time now.

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