Golden Retriever Was Left Alone, Unashamedly Destroyed The Yard

My girl dog was a destroyer of universes when I first got her. She’d been beaten and abandoned and did not trust humans to be anything but cruel…and as a result, anytime I left the house she tore it to shreds. I’d been told she was terrified of kennels so that was out of the question, so for the first year (YEAR!) of her life, my job was basically to come home, greet her with all my love, and then go about picking up everything that was ruined. Now she’s the absolute sweetest dog in the world, and she loves everyone, so that year was Totally worth it. I’m not sure why this dog decided to do what he did, but while his owners were away, this pooch went to town in the backyard, tearing up every single thing he could get his little furry paws on. Take a look!

Hopefully this pup will grow out of his destructive phase just like mine did, but my best advice to the pup parents is: invest in garbage bags. A lot of garbage bags.

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