Dog Tries To Meow At Cat; Cat Is Unimpressed

We have a new puppy at my house. And by new I mean she’s pretty brand spankin’ new. She’s new enough that if she’s not chewing on one of the other dogs, she’s sleeping. Or bothering the cats. Or eating my toes. Also, those teeth are SHARP! Still, puppies have no idea what the world is all about when they’re this new, and while she’s learning pretty fast, it’s still funny to see all the things she hasn’t quite caught on to yet. Like, the fact that while the cats can climb the cat tree to get away from her, she can not climb it to follow. And for this dog, when kitty won’t play with him, he seems to think speaking her language will start the ball rolling. It doesn’t. Take a look!

Okay, I get that the pup isn’t ‘actually’ meowing, but still, he’s doing everything he can to get kitty to play, and kitty is just nope nope nope. Which is funny. Not to the pup, but since I’m experiencing the same exact thing at my house right now, I definitely see humor in her response.

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