Anyone who wants children knows we will do just about anything to have them. For me it was a struggle, but when the time finally came it was worth all the pain and effort. For this woman, honestly I can’t imagine how much she has endured. Born with two vaginas, Nicci Triefenbach has always felt different. She’s always had awful periods, and a painful time figuring out how to have relationships when she herself felt so different. But when she finally met Mr. Right, this nurse knew she wanted a family, and she wanted it with him. But after three miscarriages, and months upon months of painful bleeding, this 32-year-old made the only decision she could live with. Take a look!

Ultimately the most important thing is being able to start a family by any means necessary. With everything she’s endured, I think this young woman will make an incredible mom to a very lucky child at some point. And she’ll finally be healthy enough to enjoy the time she has with them. Truly inspiring!

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