One thing most dog lovers have in common is we love seeing our dogs when they first wake up. There’s something so peaceful, so lovely about that sleepy look in a dog’s eyes as they greet the day. Or, after a long nap. And that yawn where their tongue sticks out five feet? Cutest yawn ever. Well, after a long nap next to this pitbull, this dog owner decided it was time to wake up. At first the dog is reluctant, and it seems she might sleep forever, but when she finally does wake up? Pure magic. Take a look! Puppies might not have the best breath, but nothing beats those sweet kisses. And especially when they’re as excited as this pupper’s kisses. This doggy mama knew exactly what she was doing when she woke up this sleeping beauty. She wanted ALL the kisses…and from the looks of things, she got them.

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