At every wedding there are heartfelt speeches from a ton of people. This branches out from the bride or groom, to the best man or the maid of honor, then to family and friends. People tend to share personal anecdotes from the past, and they all elude to a point worth making regarding how the two lovers deserve and were made for one another. This speech comes from the bride, and this couldn’t be a more beautiful speech. When the bride was about to start a speech, she called up all of her husbands brothers in blue up to the dance floor. Everyone was probably expecting a thank you to everyone involved accompanied with a few stories, but this moment was not that. The bride took her time to thank the police officers for their duty, and shares her respect for not just her husband, but all police officers alike. You can be sure that this surprise caught the groom off guard, but a beautiful moment none the less. To cap off her speech, she tells everybody about the gift that she has given everyone in order to say thank you to an officer. What’s better than giving an officer some coffee and doughnuts?

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