My parent’s dog is not allowed in the kitchen when they’re cooking. He’s a gigantic mastiff and the kitchen isn’t all that big, so there just wouldn’t be enough room. Still, try explaining that to him. He KNOWS where the line to the kitchen is, and as a way of rebelling to the ‘no kitchen’ rule, he lays down At The Line and slowly inches forward hoping no one will see him. Again, he’s a mastiff. And right around 160 pounds. It’s hard to miss him. So they correct him, send him back over the line, and it starts all over again. Their dog would get along great with the dogs in this video. Each one of these little buggers knows exactly what the rule is, and is doing everything in their little puppy power to bend it. Take a look!

My dog isn’t allowed to go out front without me. Her workaround? She figured out how to open the back gate. Now she goes around the side of the house (not out the front door), and nudges the front door open with her snout. Little stinker. Our pups are WAY too smart for our own good, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying a lock for that back gate in the near future.

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