My dogs love fruits and vegetables. And I don’t mind sharing with them. They don’t get any other human food, so when I’m eating carrots, I give them a bite. Or if I’ve got a bowl of strawberries, they always get the tops. It makes the happy, and according to my vet isn’t even a little bad for them. They don’t get a ton, mind. Just a taste. And definitely not every day. But of all the things they get, none of them like citrus. It’s funny to me, too. When my oldest dog was a puppy he LOVED oranges. Loved them. I don’t now what it was about them, but that pooch would go crazy for them. As he got older, that changed and he didn’t want them at all. The other dogs? They’ve never loved citrus. Though, as much as they don’t like it, I’ve never seen them react to it the way the pup in this video does. This is just adorable. I might try giving them a half a lemon now to see what They do. Take a look!

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