Four-Year-Old Shares Message Of Fallen Father

Memorial Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we should forget about those we have lost. Especially when their loss can’t be forgotten by those they left behind. Four-year-old Christian Jacobs knows all too well about loss. His father died during a training exercise when Christian was only eight-months-old and this young boy misses him every day. During the Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, Christian read a message for his father, but one that touched the hearts of everyone who heard it. He talked about how his father watches over him. And how much he loves his dad. How he wishes he was here today. Take a look.

It’s unimaginable that a child so young would have to live out the rest of his life without his daddy, but his sacrifice will never be forgotten. There are so many children just like Christian and as we remember their fathers and mothers, these brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice, we should also remember the children they left behind.

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