NFL Player’s Toddler Son Belts Out National Anthem In Front Of Crowd

Children have a bravado that adults will never understand. Even the most stage-worthy adult can never possess the same gumption and spunk as a toddler with a crowd. Even if they don’t have a microphone, toddlers have a way of stealing the stage no matter what they’re doing. Don’t believe me? I was at a wedding a few months ago where the priest asked everyone to lower their heads in prayer. The child in the pew in front of mine said something to his mom and was shushed. Then, with the entire church still in silence, this tiny but loud voice said, “But I have to poop!” Yeah. Kids are like that. So when you imagine a two-year-old belting out the national anthem in front of a crowd, don’t worry that they’ll be nervous…because toddlers are fearless. Take a look!

How cute was this little guy? Sure, we couldn’t understand most of the words, but he knew exactly what he was singing and had no problem standing up there and singing it for all to hear. Good job, kiddo!

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