Hilarious Dog Does NOT Want To Leave The Beach!

You know when you’ve had a really great time and you’re just not ready for it to end? Yeah, this dog is all of us. Ninja just had the time of his life at the beach, and he does NOT want the fun to end. When his family starts calling for him to go, not only does he run back into the water for one last dip, but he starts squalling like a little child in protest to the unfairness of it all. In short, It Is Hilarious! Seriously, this dog is my spirit animal and I love him So Much. Yeah, he’s being naughty, but we’ve all been there. Take a look!

I can’t stop laughing about this funny dog. I’m guessing this is what I look like every time I have to leave the store before I’m ready. “C’mon! Just five more minutes! Please! C’mon!!” Ninja, I love you baby. You are so funny and so much me. I hope you got to go back to the beach again real soon, because it looks like that’s where you definitely want to be!

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