Little Boy Gets First Kiss, Has Mind Blown

For me it was Christopher Blaha. I met Christopher at school and we hung out during recess, playing tag and flipping on the monkey bars. Our hands were always a weird mixture of rust and dirt and racing around with him made me happier than anything. I remember one of those days where we were running and he ran to one of the low hanging trees. I thought we were playing tag like usual and instead he leaned forward and kissed me. I don’t remember anything about the kiss, but I remember how it made me feel. This boy will remember always how that first kiss made him feel. Watching his eyes and listening to the way he so confused and exhilarated after that first taste of love is such an awesome reminder of what young love feels like. Take a look!

That first kiss is always special. Always meaningful. Even if it’s just a peck at the playground, it’s something that seems to move our beings – our souls, even – from a place of childhood to the wonder of what the rest of our lives can be.

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