These Are Ellen’s Favorite Videos To Brighten Even The Gloomiest Day

We all have bad days from time to time. Life is like that. And on those bad days we can choose to let the day rule us, or we can find ways to lighten the mood and smile again. Me? I’m a smiler. I don’t want to feel gloomy, so no matter how bad the day is I do everything I can to make it better. I think Ellen and I would get along fabulously. She does the same as me. In fact, she has specific videos she watches to boost her mood on those really bad days. And know what? They’re fantastic. They made me laugh and I guarantee they’ll do the same for you! Take a look!

Seriously, if you didn’t laugh at those, your laugh-button might be broken and you should probably go see a doctor. Not that I’m judging you…I just think we all deserve to smile every now and again.

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