Toddler Can’t Decide Whether Or Not Strawberry Is Good

Little kids trying new foods is probably one of the funniest things you’ll ever see. They just never quite know at first if they’re going to like it or not. So like even if a lemon makes them pucker, they’ll usually try it again because they just don’t know whether it was good. And sometimes they can tell right away. I don’t think there’s a single baby ever who didn’t like ice cream pretty much instantly. But this strawberry? Yeah, this little girl has no idea whether this strawberry is good or not. For one, it has chocolate on the outside, and tart strawberry on the inside. What is happening with that? She can’t quite tell and she gives her mom the funniest look because of it. Take a look!

I’m guessing once her taste buds settle down she’ll decide she likes this one. I mean, strawberries. And chocolate. How can you not love them? Still, that first taste was a little confusing and that look was absolutely adorable!

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