This Dog’s Inconvenient Photobomb Leads To A Funnier Picture Than Could Ever Be Planned!

Having a new baby is awesome. We want to record every moment of their little lives and we want to make sure those moments are as pure and amazing as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes our previous babies get jealous of all that attention stealing and have to do what they can to get the spotlight back from time to time. This little fur baby did NOT like mom paying too much attention to the new baby, and made sure he got his moment in the spotlight, too. While mom is recording the newborn (who was being a bit boring, let’s be honest), pup decided it was his turn for attention and found a way to make the moment about him. Take a look!

If you ask me, that video was made WAY better by that little pupper jumping in. I mean, sure it wasn’t what mom planned, but it’s definitely funnier and definitely more memorable. There will be a million moment of the baby just laying there being a baby, but that fur-baby made SURE at least one of those moments included him!

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