My mom is an artist. When I was a tween she went to college to study art, but from the drawings she brought home I would have bet she was teaching the class. My favorite drawings of hers were the ones that were just dots. There’s something so mesmerizing about them. I don’t know how many hours upon hours it took her to do it, but there was one of a snow leopard that I’d stare at constantly as a kid. Truly breathtaking. Now that I’m older, I imagine it was relaxing for her to create those drawings. I think about the hours I’ve spent crafting or knitting and watching a product come alive, and know that that’s exactly how she felt watching her drawings come to life. These drawings are just as incredible. So many dots, so much dedication! Take a look! I tried dot art when I was in college years ago and while I definitely saw the zen of it, it wasn’t for me. Still, I’ll never lose my appreciation of that snow leopard, or of my mom, the artist.

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