Little Brother Tries Sour Candy Challenge, It Does Not Go Well

One of the hardest lessons any younger sibling can learn is to never trust an older sibling when they say, “Hey, try this.” Sure, not all older siblings are mean, but a lot of them get a kick out of torturing the younger ones. And who can blame them? I mean, there they are, enjoying life, living the dream, and then all the sudden mom and dad bring home a new baby and everything changes. At least the torture in this video seems to be not-so-bad, and definitely something they’ll joke about a lot as they get older. Plus, it’s kind of a bonding experience – even if one of them is in a lot more pain than the other. Take a look!

I love the look on this little brother’s face. It’s like he’s thinking, “Mistakes have been made. Horrible mistakes.” Still, he survived and I’m guessing big brother definitely has more respect for him for the effort. Too funny!

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