Probably The Most Adorable Karate Fail Ever!

Growing up, my brothers and I were convinced we were super heroes. My parents had us taking kung fu lessons from a young age, and because of that, we could do some of the same things we saw the super heroes on television do, and that was that. There were times we thought we could fly – so we’d try (with consequences). There were times we thought we could be hit with anything without leaving a mark (again, so so many consequences). And, of course, there were so many sticks and branches that we’d break to show off our super powers. That’s why this video made me laugh so hard. Nothing is worse than trying to show off power and not realizing that the stick you grabbed has its own agenda. Take a look!

The funniest part is that even though he went after the stick, he totally took out those bricks. That’s boy – 1, stick – 1, bricks – 0. Maybe he has powers, but sticks are his kryptonite? Yeah, that’s probably definitely it.

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