Reporter Screams Like A Little Girl On Guardians Of The Galaxy Ride

I’m not one for rides. Not even a little bit. In fact, even though I live only a few miles from Six Flags, I’ve only been there once – and that was definitely NOT to ride a ride. The very last ride I was on wasn’t even really a ride. It was the ferris wheel at the State Fair of Texas. The REALLY BIG ferris wheel. My boyfriend of the time wanted to ride it, and even though I knew I was terrified of heights, and gravity, and landing with a splat, I still got onto it with him. A woman with her young son was in the same basket as us, and let’s just say he definitely did much better than me. All that to say I have so much empathy for this reporter. Take a look!

My empathy won’t keep me from laughing at his reaction, mind, but I do feel for him. As much as I hate rides, I loved watching this and though I will never (probably never) step foot onto that ride, I loved getting to live it vicariously through him.

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