This Card-Playing Little Girl Tries To Trick Her Dad To Win

Teaching kids to play fair is tough. Once they learn how to play a game, it’s like they’ll do almost anything to win. And I’m not sure it’s even about the winning. Sometimes I used to think my daughter wanted to win more to impress me than because she cared about the game. I think it’s kind of one of those, “Look what I can do” kinds of things, and that puts us parents in a tough position: we have to praise them when they win, but also when they lose. And it’s not always easy. I mean, yes, the praise part is. We LOVE our kids and want them to feel so proud and so happy…but, sometimes they just do not want to lose. This little girl is a great example of that. While playing “Old Maid” with her dad, it comes down to two cards…and she’s pretty reluctant about which one she wants him to pick. Take a look!

Dad was a great sport in this, and her reaction at the end makes me think it was okay to let her have this one…

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