Little Boy Knows Exactly How Babies Are Made, Thanks Dad For His Part!

One of the best parts of being a parent is teaching our children about the world. Unfortunately, sometimes they absorb those lessons a little too quickly, and a little too well for our own comfort. Not that we don’t want them confident in their knowledge, but as with the case of this little boy sometimes their confidence can put us in slightly awkward positions. When Teddy found out his mom and dad were having another baby, mom and dad made sure he understood what that meant and exactly how babies are made. Which is great. We all have to have that talk eventually. And now that his baby sister is here, Teddy couldn’t be happier. To show his happiness, he thanks his dad for his contribution into the creation of his new sister. Take a look!

I love that he moved away from the conversation quickly, but still, the damage was done. You can tell from dad’s voice that he’s going to be praying little Ted doesn’t think to thank him in public for his ‘donation’ anytime soon.

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