When I was a teenager, I loved to make candy. It started out with just chocolates, but pretty soon I learned to make everything from taffy, to suckers, pecan divinity, and pretty much everything else you could imagine. We lived on a farm at the time and without television to distract me (we didn’t have the reception out there), making candy was like my own version of playing a video game. It was incredible. Still, as good as I got, I’ll never reach the levels of Greg at Lofty Pursuits. If I ever make it to Tallahassee, Florida, I hope he lets me hang out and watch him, because there is almost nothing as relaxing as sitting back and listening to him describe his methods, then watching him pull the candy into shape. Take a look!

What I love is that while Greg keeps some of his work a secret, he lets us see so much of his process that it would be hard not to see this as pure art. Delicious art, at that.

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