A ‘Normal Day’ For This Mom Turns Out To Be Anything But For Her Child!

We’ve all been there. Being a mom feels thankless. It feels like a beatdown from the word ‘good morning’ to those final bouts of tears as we wrestle them into bed at night. There are days where we want to throw in the towel, turn in our mom-cards, and walk away. But we can’t. Being a mom means we’re a mom for life. Even in those horrible days we know how much we love our kids and we’d do anything for them. Sometimes it feels like too much, but no matter how it feels to us, it’s good to remember our kids memories of these events might be completely different. Take a look!

Thank goodness for those ‘normal’ days, because that’s when the memories are made. Our kids will never remember these days the way we do. They’ll remember how mom made things fun, or better. They’ll remember feeling loved even in stressful times. Even at our worst, moms still find a way to show our kids how much we care, and that’s what they’ll know.

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