When I see dancers on Dancing With The Stars, I’m impressed. They can do a lot that I could never dream of doing, and they make it look so effortless. Still, I guess I never really saw them as athletic on the same level that I might see a boxer, or martial artist, or someone who plays professional sports. That’s on me. That’s totally my bad. After watching Dancing With The Star’s own Derek Hough race through the American Ninja Warrior course, I will never, ever see dancers as anything less than true athletes ever, EVER again. Take a look! I mean, even after he falls he gets up and just keeps going – shirtless, no less. Which, btw, might be my favorite thing about his run. I’ve seen Derek give his all on the dance floor, but I’ve never seen him move like this. I’m truly impressed with his heart, his athleticism, and his can-do spirit. Way to go, Derek! No one’s got moves like you!

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