Summer’s here, and while that means fun in the sun, hot days on the beach, and lots of popsicles, it also means water safety. One of the scariest thoughts for a parent with a pool is, “What if my child ends up in the water while I’m not around?” Things happen so fast that it’s impossible to keep an eye on them every second, but proper safety measures can go a long way toward protecting the littles while still allowing them to have some fun. For Aiden’s parents that meant teaching their son to swim early. No, he may not grow up to be an olympian, but watching this tiny tot paddle across the pool with impressive speed in an incredible thing to watch. Take a look! I wish this is something I’d taught my children when they were babies. Not that we’d ever want our infants in the pool by themselves, but if the worst happened, I have a feeling little Aiden here might just be okay. And if he ever does win that gold, well, I won’t be even a little bit surprised.

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