Having an older sibling means you’ll always have someone to look up to. Someone you want to be exactly alike. Someone whose footsteps you literally want to walk in. That’s exactly what happens with Nate. When his older brother slides down the fire pole, Nate decides it’s his turn to follow suit. So Nate reaches for the pole, giggles, and then, well, it doesn’t go as planned. Take a look! When I was younger I tried to do everything my big brother did. He was the star of my own reality show and I worshiped him. Unfortunately, it didn’t always go well. Like when my older brother started learning to drive and I tried to mimic him. While he had his foot on the brake the entire time, I couldn’t even see over the dash and long story short our mini van ended up in the neighbor’s living room. Everyone survived then, and luckily everyone survived now. Nate’s gonna be old enough to do everything his big brother does soon enough and hopefully until then he’ll just keep laughing off his fails.

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