This Chicken Was Caught Sleeping On The JOB!

Why did the chicken cross the road? It didn’t. It slept through its alarm and got caught by the farmer instead. Just kidding, actually, strange thing is I had no idea chickens could sleep like this! I grew up on a farm and we had 75 or so chickens, but I never saw any of them sleep like this. Which makes this even funnier. It’s like this little guy just wanted to take a break from life and was hoping not to get caught. And all he wanted was a little chicken nap and instead he’s now a YouTube star. Man. The life of a chicken, am I right?

I think that chicken needs to be fried, er, fired. No, seriously, the poor little guy was probably just dreaming fun chicken dreams…chasing worms in its sleep and such…dreaming about a world where chickens are free to cross the road without people questioning their motivations, and then this guy comes along and woke it up. Sad day to be a chicken…

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