Toddler Throws Spectacular Tantrum Because He Does Not Want To Leave The Park

*mild language warning

Sean loves the park. Loves. The. Park. So much so that when it’s time for his family to go after a long day of playing, he decides he has different plans. What happens next is textbook toddler terrorism. The mom, I’m guessing suspecting exactly what’s going to happen, decides to record his antics rather than participate. And honestly? I can’t blame her. It looks like she’s got a few teenagers who have been through this already, so no wonder she sends one of them in to collect their ornery brother. Back to little Sean, though. At the beginning of the video he’s by the slide, playing with the padding mixture, and he declares he lives there now. That’s when you know things are about to get interesting. Take a look!

I love that his sister doesn’t just pick him up and carry him away. It’s like she wants him to know that he can fight her, but he still has to walk that long distance from fun to the truck on his own. And after all his antics I’m guessing he’ll be sleeping that entire way home!

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