24 Hours With A Newborn Baby, Through His Dad’s Eyes

Having a newborn is hard work. Especially that first one. When my daughter was first born, I had visions of taking her walking in her stroller every day, of time spent cuddled up together in the rocker, of the outpouring of love and visits from everyone I knew. Okay, I wasn’t that delusional. I knew my life wasn’t a rom com and that babies are hard, but no matter what people tell you about how hard it is, it’s at least 100 times harder than that. Maybe more. People say sleep when the baby sleeps, and that’s great advice, but sometimes the baby doesn’t sleep. Or when the baby does sleep there are still things to wash and those pesky visitors I was talking about. And groceries still have to be bought. And you have to shower, cook, pay the bills – life doesn’t stop. It’s all worth it. It’s so incredibly worth it. But just as this father is figuring out, babies are NOT all sweet coo’s and cuddles. Take a look!

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