This Cyclops Goat Was Just Born In India, And He’s Defying All Odds!

The condition is called ‘Cyclopia’. Before I saw this little goat I thought it was the stuff of myths, or maybe I never thought about it before. I mean, we’ve all thought about aliens with one eye, or the Cyclops from greek lore, or Homer’s Odyssey, but I truly never thought one existed. Apparently, not only does it exist, but most creatures (human and animal) who have it don’t make it more than a few hours past birth. Cyclopia happens when the eyes do not separate into their own orbital sockets during fetal development. The reason most die is because of the many birth defects that come with it and the fact that for most a nose doesn’t form. Somehow this baby is defying all odds, though, and despite his defects he is being visited by people from miles away, all excited to see this truly unique newborn. Take a look!

I’m not sure how long this little guy will live, but I know that even in his short life he’s already made quite the impression.

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